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of weddings and ramblings December 14, 2011

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When I signed up for this site…I got excited… maybe too excited and had set my hopes high that I would be able to blog if not everyday, at least once a week. Boy was I wrong. With all the stress of being a parent, a wife and an adult…even writing can seem tedious. I really have nothing sensible to share right now except maybe that I missed writing. How ironic because my work involves a lot of writing. Coaching comments that we need to put into words since we don’t really face our subjects unless utterly needed. But what I really miss… is writing to my heart’s content….like what I did back in high school and college. ***long sighhhhh***

Ok enough blabbering. So what’s up with me? Oh nothing much except that I’m still planning for the church wedding which is only less than 4 months away. (April 9’s the date!) I think this is really it…. may God give me strength and patience… Just looking at the invitation designs, deciding what colors to add in the motif, souvenir designs, the guests, photographers… I’m already going out of my wits. Thanks to my mom who decided 2 days ago to move the date of the wedding to April instead of July. hashamasha.

Well, I hope I can give you another update soonest. For now, all I can say is…or ask rather… Is Luau theme ok? since we’re doing it this summer? pffft. whatever. ciao for now. ***sleepy much***