No regrets. Just lessons learned.

To Nigel…you will always be loved and you surely will be missed… :( April 4, 2011

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July 13, 2007 was the start of my so-called “career”. I loved the feeling of wearing business casual clothes while treading the streets of Makati. This was also the day I met this bunch of misfits of whom later…became my closest friends.. This was the day I met Nigel.

He was this shy quiet mysterious person… whom later I found out also shared my passion for dancing. I ate lunch with him and 3 other girls who were also dancers. It was the start of a good and lasting friendship.

Nigel never ever made me feel “unpretty”. For him, I always had this uniqueness about me that makes me absolutely stunning in his eyes. You see, I am a very insecure person, and to be seen and appreciated the way he did is something extraordinary to me. Never did I ever felt him faking. He was always a true person and I regret that we never got to go out and talk again when he left the company.

We only shared a few months together but those moments were among my happiest. He was very supportive and encouraging.. and the list goes on…

I could list all the things that woud describe Nigel but I guess they would still never be enough to describe how beautiful a person he is.

I’m happy that before he left this world, before he left us… he was able to fulfill, if not all, some of his grandest dreams… He was the type who lived a carefree life… If I were to be the one to put the words in his epitaph.. it would be something like this… “Been here, had a great time.”


I miss you “mother”. I miss our laugh trips and dance sessions. I miss shopping and going to salons with you. I miss our kwentuhans about our crazy emotional lovelife. I miss your advices and your never failing boost-my-self-esteem comments. I miss you. I know you’re in a much better place now my friend… I hope to dance with you again when we see each other in that happy place. I love you, I miss you..never will I forget you. Thank you for touching my life. No goodbyes.. just “see you later”…


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