No regrets. Just lessons learned.

“he can make you love. he can make you cry.” February 24, 2011

Filed under: Daily Post Challenge — youngmomat23 @ 10:28 pm

That line kept playing in my head all evening. I was lost in thought during the ride to the office when suddenly I found myself humming this song. Guitar Man of Bread. I was immediately taken back to the good old high school days. Our golden years of carefree living..where all we cared about was music, friends, love life (and for a geek like me…grades. LoL.)

I love Bread and Mr. David Gates. So their songs are in my playlist tonight. 😀


I am not in the mood to write anything sensible but due to the Daily Post challenge, I was compelled to do this.  Hahaha. This should be fun. :p


2 Responses to ““he can make you love. he can make you cry.””

  1. evenstarwen Says:

    You’re doing the Daily Post Challenge? Wow. Best of luck to you! I don’t think I can dare. 🙂

    • youngmomat23 Says:

      Yes I am. I think I was staring at the monitor for 30minutes last night ‘coz I can’t think of anything sensible to post. This challenge is already driving me nuts. hahahaha! good luck to me!!!

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